“Plants for Birds” at WBU

I was very pleased with the turnout last night (November 1st) at my “Plants for Birds” seminar at Wild Birds Unlimited in St Johns. With over 30 in attendance, we had lots of discussion with smart, highly engaged customers. This is why I love doing this stuff!

Thanks again to store owners Brian and Joline Bidwell, who encourage me to educate and promote biodiversity in the natural world around us.

If you were able to attend, great! I hope to see you again soon. If you’d like a copy of my handout, click here: Plants for Birds Handout

Black-throated Blue Warbler on American Beautyberry
Pine Warbler on Slash Pine
Ruby-throated Hummingbird on Coral Honeysuckle
Eastern Phoebe with dragonfly

Bluebirds on my Shoulder

Bluebird Seminar

The Bluebird is a longtime symbol of happiness, good health and hope in North America. Native Americans displayed the bird in their art and told tales of its beauty and humility in their folklore. But did you know that the Bluebird went from being as common as the robin, to being so rare that birders were sure of its inevitable extinction? Learn this amazing story as well as many fun facts about Bluebirds, how to attract them to your yard and create a safe nesting place for their families. I’ll also share a few photo tips along the way for aspiring nature photographers.

I’ll be conducting this free seminar on Bluebirds and their behavior on February 15th at 6:30 PM at Wild Birds Unlimited located at 450 SR 13 N in St Johns. That’s in the  Julington Village shopping center, right next to Publix.

Seating is limited, call 904-230-3242 for reservations. Most of you know I’m on the staff there, but we do much more than sell bird seed! Come by any time to learn more.

The Bird-O-Tron

 I’m pleased to be working with Wild Birds Unlimited to bring their bird-feeding hobbyists an opportunity to get noticed for their photography as well. Participants will:

  • Enjoy 15 minutes of fame in bustling downtown Fruit Cove FL
  • See their images on our stunning Bird-O-Tron display
  • Have their images featured daily at a premier birding hangout

Along with franchise owners Dave and Sheryl Mitchell, I’m excited to share the work of 76 talented local photographers and a total of 123 local species of birds in our updated show. Join me and fellow nature photographer friends Anne at Naturally Jax and Rhonda at Rholovettpics and many more who are featured on our display. If you are an existing Wild Birds Unlimited customer, or if you would like to be one, contact me for details on how to join in the fun. I work here almost every weekend and I hope to see you soon! 

Great photography by our customers and friends!

Honey, What’s That Bird?

I’ll be presenting my favorite seminar, “Honey, What’s That Bird?” at Wild Birds Unlimited of Julington Creek on April 6th. Here’s their website: Wild Birds Unlimited

This fun and entertaining seminar is part stand-up, part game show, and contains plenty of helpful tips on bird identification and how to enjoy attracting them as well. You can find some of my presentation materials by clicking on the links below:

Nature Photo Checklist 2017

Audubon’s Guide to Ethical Bird Photography | Audubon

Please follow this website for upcoming events, to contact me with questions, or for private or group lessons. I’m also on the staff at Wild Birds Unlimited, you can find me there almost every weekend!

New Program!


Wild Birds Unlimited Seminar

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported my nature photography seminar over at Wild Birds Unlimited in St Johns, FL. A special thanks to Dave and Sheryl Mitchell, two great folks who allow me to hang around (and even sometimes work there!)

Hopefully everyone who attended had a good time and came away with a few tips and techniques for making better photos. I enjoy giving back as a way to thank the many photographers who have influenced and mentored me over the years.

I’ll be announcing additional classes and tours in the coming weeks. Until then, please contact me if you have any questions.