Flying Shrimp Invasion?

So I’m sitting in my favorite spot to watch hummingbirds, when this alien-looking creature arrives. It’s actually a Hummingbird Moth, Hemaris thysbe, the hummingbird clearwing, of the family Sphingidae (hawkmoths).

Hummingbird Moth

Compared to a hummingbird, this moth is silent, and about 2/3 the size of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Not nearly as skittish as a bird, this moth let me approach and take as many photos as I wanted..but getting one in focus wasn’t easy!

Somewhat uncommon to see in daylight, coloration of this moth varies between individuals. Typically the moth is olive green and burgundy on its back, and white or yellow and burgundy on the underside.

I still think it looks like a flying shrimp.

Hummingbird Moth enjoying a sip of nectar from Pentas.
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