They’re Back!

I was sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee (as we often do every morning) when buzzzzz – the first hummer of the season stopped by for a sip of Salvia!

I went back inside to grab a camera and fired off a few shots of this handsome male. I was using a Fuji XT-3, a neat little mirrorless with whimsical controls that are like a throwback to my early days with film cameras. Only this little powerhouse can fire off 30 games per second.

Yikes, I can vouch that in 10 seconds I racked up nearly 300 images of this hummingbird! Depth of field is so shallow that you really can only see from the tip of his beak to his head, which is less than an inch. But I love the detail in the feathers along the gorget (throat) and the pollen on his head!

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