Doors, Gates, Nooks and Crannies

A walk off the beaten path through the nation’s oldest city yields some architectural delights. All images were taken with my Fuji XT-2, a mirrorless camera that is lightweight and a delight to use. The controls are a whimsical throwback to cameras of the 1960’s and the build quality is superb.

When working the streets, the small form factor of the Fuji helps keep everything discrete. I used no filters on the day, and worked with a 10-24mm wide-angle lens. I’d like to go back earlier in the morning, and especially would like to do this same walk in the rain!

The Gallery below contains more of my favorites from the day. Click any image to enlarge to full size:

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2 thoughts on “Doors, Gates, Nooks and Crannies”

    1. Yes! I keep vowing to get back there at sundown because the lighting would be even better. This one was a little too “crispy” for my liking. A side benefit of living close by…I can always go back!

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