A Little Slice of Heaven

Today we finalized the installation of the first phase of our native plant garden. Our objective is to create a wild bird sanctuary and eventually return our little yard back to some semblance of its “natural” state. Some of the plantings today include: Yaupon Holly, Eastern Red Cedar, Walter’s Viburnum, Wax Myrtle, Firebush (Hamelia Patens), Fakahatchee Grasses, Tickseed, Blueberries, Liatris, Horsemint, Rudbeckia, Wild Petunia, Rosemary, and more. All of these will increase butterfly and bird activity, and we hope to set an example for Florida-friendly gardens in our neighborhood. True story: Before we finished planting we had birds sitting in the plants-even while still in the containers! Many thanks to Rene Stambaugh at NativePlantConsulting. 

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