Ancient City Lights: Photowalk

It was my pleasure to host a UNF/OLLI continuing education class trip through the historic city of St Augustine last night. After being postponed due to bad weather, we were blessed to finally have perfect conditions for a hike around town, looking for fun scenes and bright lights.

We were not disappointed! When shooting at night, I like to remind my students that a study tripod is just the beginning. Depending on the scene and the length of exposure, you may also want to use a remote or self-timer to avoid any possible movement of the camera.

Modern cameras do much better with high ISO settings. I often to preach to not be afraid to go up there and even shoot hand-held!  You never know what you might miss while waiting to set up the shot with a clunky tripod and related accessories.

We all had fun experimenting with different settings and techniques, followed by the compulsive debrief over beverages. Cheers!

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